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Nexus Trading Group, LLC. operations consist on the purchase of food worldwide and the sale of the same to our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. We originate our products from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Malaysia, Thailand, USA, among others and sell them directly to our respectable pool of customers.



Our mission is to create business opportunities that will generate value to our commercial partners, both in countries of origin and destination, through the development of strong business relationships based on trust, efficiency and excellent customer service.


To be recognized as an innovative team specialized in international trade, integrating our providers and customers in the development of successful businesses that contribute in improving the quality of life for those countries in which operate.

  • Beans

    - Black Beans

    - Cranberry Beans

    - Great Northern Beans

    - Dark Red Kidney Beans

    - Light Red Kidney Beans

    - Large Lima Beans

    - Baby Lima Beans

    - Navy Beans (Pea Beans)

    - Pinto Beans

    - Pink Beans

    - Small Red Beans

    - Green Mung beans

    - Black Eye Beans

    - Dried Pigeon Peas

    - Chickpeas

    - Fava Beans

    - Canary beans

    - Caballero Beans

    - Val Beans

    - Japanese White Kidney beans

    - Others: White, Japanese and more.

  • By-Products

    - Citrus Pulp Pelleted

  • Peas

    - Whole Green Peas

    - Green Split Peas

    - Whole Yellow Peas

    - Yellow Split Peas

  • Grains and Cereals

    - Yellow Corn

    - White Corn

    - Wheat

    - Oats

    - Sorghum

    - Popcorn

    - Canola

    - Flax

    - Barley

    - Alfalfa

    - Soy Beans

    - Rice

  • Super Foods

    - Quinoa

    - Chia

    - Amaranth

    - Maca

  • Lentils

    - Eston

    - Laird

    - Richlea

    - Others: U.S. Regulars, Pardinas,

      and more.

  • Birdfood

    - Canary Seed

    - Red Millet

    - White Millet

    - Sunflower Seeds

    - Safflower

  • Birdfood Mixes

    - Parakeet

    - Parrot

    - Cockatiel

    - Pigeon

    - Canary

    - Rooster

  • Fresh Products

    - Garlic

    - Cinnamon

    - Sugar

    - Onion

    - Herbs and Spices

    - Canned Food

    - Meat

    - Fresh Fruits



  • Marketing Analysis

    Nexus Trading Inc. traders are constantly monitoring market movements of the different products in order to keep customers well informed and help them make the most adequate and profitable buying/selling decisions.

    We provide our buying customers with market reports including crop information, price tendencies and any other important event that directly impacts the market.

  • Merchandising

    Nexus Trading Inc. specializes in worldwide food trading through strategic alliances at origin as well as in destination.

    - Suppliers at Origin: Our goal is to serve our suppliers by marketing their products at new and/or traditional destinations.

    - Customers at Destination: Our goal is to offer our customers the most competitive prices and the best quality products.

  • Logistic Support

    Nexus Trading’s Inc. logistic staff offers professional customer service and works closely with suppliers to make sure that shipments are executed as per contractual terms.

    Documentation is an integral part of logistics and we make sure that all documents are in order for each contract and each customer prior vessel arrival at destination port.

  • Financial Services

    Nexus Trading Inc. offers different financial terms adequate for each customer’s need, always aiming at generating additional value for buyer’s operations.

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